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But nevertheless the main component of management yavyaltsya human resource management. It in many cases has with other things being equal crucial importance for successful development of firm. The human relations - a basis of activity of the manager.

Approach to management of its personnel and activity is necessary for full and harmonious development of firm and its business system. Management as a control system and the theory of management arose in the form in which they function now, in the XIX century. Now there are various schools of management with the principles and tactics of management Here some of them:

Marketing as the control system has the principles, functions. methods and structures. The fundamental principle of marketing is the reasonable free choice of definite purposes and strategy of functioning and a role of firm in general. Other main principle of marketing - an integrated approach to coordination of the purposes with resources and opportunities of the company. The general methods and the principles of marketing are defined by concrete activities of the enterprise. It is necessary for achievement of commercial success:

Competent administrative communication with the personnel not only creates optimum climate in firm, but also promotes increase of operability of the personnel, and also helps manifestation of an initiative by employees. All this together gives to firm the chance without excess friction and delays to work most effectively in the niche of the market chosen by it and, systematically carrying out the strategy, to go to Success top.

Administrative communication - communication with the purpose of an osushchesvleniye of the management of people, that is change of their actions in the operdelenny direction, maintenance of this direction or formation of the new direction.

The main objective of existence of any business and creation of any firm - to lead firm to Success top, to fix it there and to give it the chance safely to look forward, seeing new prospects of its development there. The essence of business consists in continuous improvement of the firm, its strategy and tactics in fight for a place in the market, in a commitment to excellence. Enhancement of the capital, receiving profit and development of firm, hope for the future - here those components without which business is inconceivable. Also it is inconceivable without talented managers who can lead people and realize everything conceived.

In each of above-mentioned schools there are approaches to management and management as to a control system, each of them gives the definition to management and the tasks facing it. At each of them the principles of management.

The complex analysis of the market requires segmentation, i.e. multidimensional, according to the most various characteristics division of all potential buyers into rather big groups in such a way that each of them imposes special requirements to these goods or service.

The concept of business arose together with concept of the commodity-money relations, i.e. at a communal stage of development of humanity. When the main form of "trade" between communities was barter, there were moneychangers nomads wandering from one community in another and exchanging various goods with benefit for themselves. It can also be considered as one of the first manifestations of spirit of business.

Many people created the business on a wave of privatization of economy and now, after recession of an agiotage round this process appeared before a choice: or to create the personnel management system of m and production, or to accept that is known and it is applied around the world. It is necessary to create the highest and specialized secondary educational institutions for training of heads both average, and the highest of levels to work in conditions, new to them. And, it is impossible to copy thoughtlessly the management which is regularly working in the conditions of the western economy disregarding specifics it is necessary to create the adapted concept, considering specific historical and economic factors of development of economy in our state.

As this company beginning the activity on an equal footing with many others managed, the majority from which now either does not exist, or is on the verge of financial crash, to become what it became on in the shy developing stock market. For this purpose it is necessary to consider history of development and creation of this company.