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Ecology and economy – words of one root and ability of a message the economy is directly connected with careful attitude to everything that surrounds the person in life. The economic science and ecology is allies, but not competitors or opponents.

One of the most important problems of all mankind is hunger in the world. It first of all is connected with existence and distribution of the food. In the world 800 million people, or 15% of the population of Earth starve. About 18 million people, especially in developing countries annually die of hunger, hundreds of millions undereat.

E.Pestel, D. Medouz, M. Mesarovich's development, etc. in which the integrated ekologo-economic approach to categories of welfare, efficiency of a social production, productivities of social activities to both other social and economic phenomena and processes is embodied deserve attention of work of scientists of V. Leontyev, Ya. Tinbergen. Within global thinking the main conclusions were created about:

The reasons of poverty and hunger in the developing states a set. Among them it is necessary to call unequal position of these countries in system of the international division of labor; domination of the system of neo-colonialism setting as the main objective fixing and whenever possible expansion of a position of the strong states in the freed countries.

Our lag is especially shown in comparison with the countries of the West where the capacious market of ecoequipment was already formed and there were whole branches specializing on release of the antipolluting equipment having positive impact on economic growth.

Up to our century, despite achievements in science, culture in the certain countries, the world in general, in essence, remained illiterate, and the vast majority of its population was not able neither to read, nor to write. Only in the XX century powerful approach to illiteracy for its elimination was around the world undertaken.

Important aspect of the global problems connected with a scientific and technological revolution is the education problem. However without those enormous changes which happened in education, neither the scientific and technological revolution, nor great achievements in development of world economy, those democratic processes in which the increasing number of the countries and people of the world is involved would be impossible.

Ecological funds of the enterprises are formed due to depreciation charges on nature protection objects. The part of balance profit of the enterprise if they without it are not able to support the set limits of impact on environment also has to go to them.

Loss of responsibility for separate results of a scientific and technological revolution can become one of important consequences for the whole world. It is expressed, on the one hand, in a contradiction between a human instinct to self-preservation and growth of requirements and profits – with another.

New approach assumes interpenetration biological and social, their complementarity and an associativity, merging of economy and ecology in uniform system at the local, regional and global levels. Within such system each its subsystem – economic and natural – are equivalent and focused both on achievement of high economic results, and on maintenance of balance in a circulation surrounding environment – resources – production – environment.

The expenditure on the solution of environmental problems to 2% of GNP is obviously not enough therefore it is expedient to allocate funds from all components of GNP that has to precede distribution of resources for accumulation and consumption.

It led to crisis of vital resources which extended on power providing the person, his food fund, renewable and non-renewable resources. So, for the last 25-30 years in the world it is used raw materials so much, how many for all history of a civilization. Thus less than 10% of raw materials turn into finished goods, the rest – into the waste polluting the biosphere. Besides the number of the enterprises which technological foundation was laid still grows when possibilities of the nature as natural absorbent seemed unlimited.

Means of territorial ecological funds are formed due to payments for pollution and an expense of natural resources. They have to be spent for fee on improvement of an ecological situation and for reproduction of natural resources.