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Need of realization of the program and target approach assuming preliminary study of market "niches" of group, the general target tasks and actions for their achievement with use of resource, scientific and industrial potential of participants of FPG.

Achievements of high controllability by group due to selection of set of the enterprises and organizations taking into account developed (not lost relevance and perspective) cooperation communications, a factor of territorial proximity and possibility of real assistance of its activity not only from federal, but also local governing bodies.

The concept of marketing - claims that pledge of achievement of the objectives of the organization is definition of needs and requirements of the target markets and ensuring desirable satisfaction more effective and more productive, than at competitors in the ways. Orientation in this concept goes on needs and needs of clients.

- the main orientation of short-term projects on import replacement, production of the consumer market (consumer goods, food), development of trade and marketing infrastructure of FPG;

The differentiated approach to the solution of long-term, medium-term and short-term investment problems of activity of FPG, obligation of development of business plans on each project included in the general investment program of group.

Deep organizational and technological cooperation in activity of the FPG enterprises as on a vertical (within implementation of one target program) and across (participation at the same time in a number of target programs).

As the market of payment demand - size rather certain, to producers was necessary to resort to the most different tricks to win to themselves its share, to hold and as much as possible to strengthen the positions in the market.

Selection of participants of group within the specified directions provides deep cooperation of their activity already at the initial stage of formation of FPG. So, more than 80 percent of the enterprises and the FPG organizations participate in realization of tasks of fuel and energy complex, chemical - 50 percent, social and production - 70 percent, etc.

The concept of improvement of production claims that consumers will be favorable to goods which are widespread and available at the price, and as a result the company has to concentrate the efforts on improvement of production and increase of system effectiveness of distribution.

Application of the concept of improvement of production to approach in 2 situations. The first - when demand for goods exceeds the offer. The second - when prime cost of goods is too high and it needs to be lowered what requires increase of productivity.

The concept of improvement of goods - claims that consumers will treat favourably the goods offering the highest quality, the best eksplutatsionny characteristics and properties and consequently - the company has to concentrate the efforts on continuous improvement of goods. However, the negative moment of this concept is that consumers actually satisfy not need for concrete goods, and the nuzhdy1 which can be satisfied with goods of other sort.

On the basis of the existing scientific divisions which are available at the FPG enterprises creation of the uniform scientific and implementation system providing development in production of development taking into account common interests of group including, for development of special mechanical engineering, the food, light, shoe industry, creation of production of equipment and the tool, etc. is provided.

Ensuring powerful concentration of scientific and production potential within group, its enough large sizes (the capital, adequate to complex and major problems of deduction and expansion of positions in financial, and also commodity domestic and foreign markets.

The conducted predesign market researches convince of correctness of orientation of activity of FPG on development of capacities of a chemical complex. In particular, it concerns development of production of polyvinylchloride and receiving new materials on its basis.

When carrying out market researches in the market the management of the company determines by search of the most effective ways of advance of goods, what system of incentives will allow to interest wholesalers in purchase of larger consignments of production.