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When the quantity of the demanded assets is defined, it is possible to choose options of financing of each of them. Businessmen with the considerable capital can sometimes use own funds for all assets. In this case the formula of balance will have an appearance:

Now, when the relevant decisions on an occasion of the demanded assets are made, the businessman is ready to drawing up the balance reporting on the business opening day to check its financial solvency.

The revenue is not the income, but a source of compensation of the means spent for production and formations of monetary funds and financial reserves of the enterprise yet. As a result of use of revenue from it qualitatively different components of the created.

. This principle as an indispensable condition assumes formation of financial reserves for any enterprise. Financial reserves provide a steady production activity in the conditions of possible fluctuations of market conditions, risks, etc. If the enterprise creates financial reserves in a sufficient and necessary size, it provides to the enterprise the corresponding positive image in the market.

It is obvious that most of people does not possess such big capital but even if would possess, would not begin to pay for all in cash. Such businessmen should look for ways of reduction of the sum of initially demanded capital. Here some of the existing opportunities:

Both for opening new, and for already existing enterprise first of all it is necessary to define, what types of assets are necessary for functioning of business and how many money is required for its financing. It is one of the key moments since underestimation of the demanded assets at the beginning of work ruined many good undertakings.

. Responsibility for results of economic activity. The financial result at the enterprise is a quality indicator of activity as the managements of the enterprise, and all staff of the enterprise. Responsibility arises as well concerning all those risks which are assumed by the enterprise in the conditions of the market.

. Financial planning. Financial planning defines the directions of the movement of cash flows on the near future and on prospect, assumes receiving and the directions of use of money. Thanks to financial planning planning of financial result is provided.

First of all it is connected with formation of a sinking fund which is formed in the form of depreciation charges after ­ the fixed business assets and intangible assets takes the monetary form. An indispensable condition of formation of fund is sale of the made goods to a and receipt of revenue.

The profit, being at the command the enterprises is a source of financing of his requirements, but the main a of its can be defined as accumulation and consumption. distributions arrived to accumulation and consumption is by of development of the enterprise.

The enterprise independently finances all directions of the expenses according to production plans, disposes of the available financial resources, (i.e. the available money), them in production for receiving profit.

The financial relations of the enterprise arise when on a basis there is a formation of own enterprise assets, its income, attraction of loan sources of financing of activity, distribution of the income which are formed in a of this, their use on the development purpose a.

- Effective use of working capital. Any funds which are not used for needs of working capital can be directed on payment of liabilities. Besides, they can be used for acquisition of fixed capital or are paid in a type of income to owners. One of ways of economy of working capital consists in improvement of management of material resources (stocks) by means of:

So, the balance meets, all articles of use of assets are accurately defined, after final adjustment it is possible to start working. However in the course of further functioning plans will be inevitably corrected, the made decisions to change. Therefore in the conclusion besides we will allocate the main objectives and the principles of management of assets of the enterprise.

The good building in the prestigious area will be leased that will allow to avoid big costs of its purchase. The owner of the building in effect provides part of monetary assets, for what will receive payments in the form of a rent.